Friday, September 28, 2007

Democracy Next Time

A New Cabinet has been Unveiled in Morocco: Cards Reshuffled, the Game is Still the Same.

After an impassioned legislative election, followed by -sometimes- frenzied wranglings about the democratic nature of the "Righteous State" in Morocco, the process yielded a dazzling arrangement of faces at unexpected positions.

It's "mission accomplished" for the Moroccan power: the elections meant primarily at embellishing the face of the regime at the world stage have succeeded in doing just that. And now that the international attention has melted away, it's back to mumbo jumbo business as usual, and we're back to square number one. All powers are now de facto within the very few hands of the Makhzen with a clear repressive pattern. If things go wrong (cause they might), would anybody dare challenging or criticizing the King Divine Right rule? You bet very few will!

(picture credit: "rhys400D")