Monday, September 10, 2007

The Awful Picture

What kind of consistent, homogeneous government can come out of this awful balkanization of the Moroccan political spectrum?
No further comments.

(Graphic from "Intikhabat 2007")


xoussef said...

hopefully that will cause parties to rally in bigger ones, and that next time in 5 years we will have fewer parties... 33 is really ridiculous.

Hisham said...

We (I mean Moroccans) could have been far better off if only the central power stops meddling in people's politics. Two or even three blocks of political thought are already established on the ground (mainly -and correct me if I'm wrong- conservatives, progressists and finaly the sycophants of the regime). The problem is that this reality has no chance whatsoever in translating into actual competing political groups under the current circumstances. Thanks brother!