Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Mirror is Moving

I’m in a process of moving this blog permanently to another location… if you're not too bothered by the rubbish I've been beaming here for almost -gosh!- one an a half year now (man, time runs fast!) please go pay a visit and make yourself at home whilst I’m constructing it!
All suggestions are welcome by the way.
See you!


xoussef said...

Brighter colours mightn't be a bad idea :) Bse7a the new address

Abdelilah Boukili said...

Hi Hisham,
Mabrouk the new blog. I will add it to the link list on my blogs: and In fact the two blogs are the same. I just imported the first into the second.

By the way nice articles about Obama.

Hisham said...

'lah ye3tik asse7a!
Yea; I wanted to shed some light on the pages (although the brighter it is, the more energy consuming it gets, but that's another matter).
Your blog isn't bad either. Nice colors and a real sense of aesthetics.

I'm gonna visit your new blog right away!

une marocaine said...

M'brouk al 3etba jdida.
Ana kane tessena l'3erada minine tdebe7 wakha ghire frouj ;) :)))

Hisham said...

allah ybarek fik a'lalla... Ndeb7ou lik 7'ta Tawr yla ma 9eddna l'ferrouj...

Merci beaucoup pour ton soutien!