Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ragged Trousered Blogger Calling

He - Ibrahim ferrer & compay segundo

Hot summer night down here. I'd like to share this elegant and refreshing song of the late Ibrahim Ferrer with anyone who's passing by. Anyway I'm not sure if the adjective 'blogger' applies any longer since I haven't been blogging for quite a substential amount of time now. I've turned to some kind of a lazy bohemian. I've been away for longer than I expected, contemplating the world around me, reading and absorbing as much blogger's writings as I can, discovering new literature and touring a Morocco as hospitable and sunny as ever. Or maybe I'm just becoming a bit sluggish?

Keep it up everybody! ...


taamarbuuta said...

Welcome back Hisham!

No worries, the longer you go without writing, the more you have to write about.

Hisham said...

That's so true you know? I have a thirst for telling and sharing all I've been through during those summer days. Thanks dear!